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At first, he says, clients saw owning an apartment as "like life insurance", just something to be used in case of an emergency. But now some purchasers have come to regard their apartments as second homes, making regular use of them for weekends or longer breaks. "Everyone comments on how well they sleep here," he adds. Image caption The outside and inside of the nuclear bunkers are constantly monitored Mr Hall is by no means the only player in the specialist market for survival bunkers, with rivals offering facilities at several บิกินี่ locations across the globe. But with his use of luxury elements, experts say, Mr Hall is exploiting a growing trend. "There's a market now because the traditional idea that somehow you should 'rough it for the sake of your soul' is disappearing," says Peter York, an adviser to many large luxury businesses. In this market, he says, "you're hitting a cohort of rich people who don't value the idea of even temporary Spartan-ness - they want everything to be luxurious all the time." Even though he may be pushing at an open door, Mr Hall says he faces many challenges in running his business, over and above the obvious difficulties of building the facilities in the first place. One of the biggest issues is marketing. His clients, many of whom are wealthy, tend to be secretive.

Alicia and Chris Martin spend their lives straddling both sides of the border. They own organic farms in Mexico and a produce distribution business and one of the most unique restaurants in Nogales, ชุดว่ายน้ํา Mexico. As a child, Alicia remembers freely crossing the border into Mexico. She said, We would come down in our bathing suits, as kids, come down buy popsicles, get the ice cream and go back. But with immigration controls tightening on the U.S. side and the fear of cartel violence, La Roca has struggled to keep its doors open. Alicia noted, It was like all of a sudden somebody came in and hit the switch, there was nobody in town. There was nobody in the streets. She continued, They are difficult problems to solve. Throwing up trade barriers, putting up a wall. They are such harsh approaches to the problems. And once again, you are treating a symptom and you arent going after the root cause of the problem. Perhaps no place symbolizes the impact of tightened border security quite like Boquillas, Mexico.It is one of the smallest, legal border checkpoints you will find.

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